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Genesis Collection

Space Nomads is a utility-based project from Nomad Labs that caters to the workforce of Web3, including project founders, developers, collab managers, artists, and more.

Our goal is to act as a pillar within the space and bridge Web2 and Web3 by bringing mass commercial adoption that much sooner.

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your Web3 needs, while also establishing a strong brand that allows us to deliver to the Web3 consumer.

Discover the Genesis Collection

nft1 nft2 nft3


  • 1,666 supply
  • 0.044 ETH Mint Price


  • Benefits throughout the launchpad
    • Launch 2 collections at 0 cost (Not including gas)
    • Exclusive genesis holder collections page
    • Leveraged marketing through Nomad Labs
    • Free 1 on 1 consulting with the Nomad Labs team
  • Free claim to all future Nomad Labs personal collections
  • Exclusive whitelists to upcoming and partnered projects
  • Gated Alpha Channels
  • Exclusive invites to our or partner events
  • Merchandise
  • Increased staking rewards
  • Larger token allocation per genesis NFT (2024)

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